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Port Perry PROBUS Creates

We have so much creative talent in Port Perry PROBUS! From woodworking to quilting, crafts, jewellery making and painting in various mediums, sculpting and more, we've got it all.


Message from the Co-ordinator of the Open Art Studio Group

Whether dealing with the stresses of COVID isolation or simply looking for something relaxing and interesting to do, creating arts or crafts is a wonderful escape.  More than just a hobby, they can enhance your imagination, exercise the mind, improve dexterity, and enrich the soul.  We have no shortage of artists in the club and presently have three interest groups dedicated to arts or crafts activities.  Margaret Adamson, the coordinator of the Art - PROBUS Open Studio interest group, will periodically be providing some contributions in this section of the website along with some of her fellow interest group members.  And you’ll have the opportunity to see just how talented this group of artists are as photos of some of their works are published here. 


    Please click here to see Margaret's informative article, Thinking of Painting? With some tips from Colin Whitebread!

PROBUS Members

Please send in your photos and a brief description of your work to

We would love to show it off to the world!

 Featured Artist

Jindra Cadil

My motto is: Some people express their feelings using words, others with music. I use my brush to show what I feel.


About me:  I was born in Czech Republic and moved to Canada 50+ years ago. Lived in Ontario for most of the time, but  for a period of time, I lived in Prince Edward Island. That is where I started painting.  I belonged to the Kensington Art Co-op. In PEI, my work was displayed in the Wyatt Heritage Gallery, the EPTEC Art & Culture Gallery, Gallery 33 and the Kensington Shed Gallery. Here in Ontario, I belong to the Port Perry Artists Association and the Oshawa Art Association. and the  PROBUS art group. I have studied painting under artists Nan Ferrier and Henry Purdy and many other Ontario artists.


My style: I love capturing some of Canada’s most beautiful scenery on canvas in an oil or acrylic medium. Nature is a major inspiration for me, and you can see its influence in my work.


Where to find my work: My art can be seen in Panorama store in Port Perry, as well as in local stores and art shows. 


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