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Interest Groups - October 2019

Thanksgiving is right on the horizon. What better way to celebrate this season than by joining an interest group and getting out to have fun with friends? Making new friends is much easier if you get involved in an activity together. Our Bowling Coordinators’ report that the group continues to expand as new bowlers join in each month. Why not give something like that a try this month?


  • Model Boats

  • Create & Chat

  • Winetasting II


To make room for the Bountiful Harvest setup, we won’t have Interest Group sign-up table at our October PROBUS meeting. To get in touch with the coordinator of the group you are interested in, check the newsletter listing below or find them on our website.


We have 34 active groups and potential groups on offer! For those who are thinking about starting up an interest group, assist you through the process. To get rolling, simply confirm a group coordinator that will email your group reminders for when/where the next meeting is and any necessary reservations. Test Drive Option: if you want to try a group, contact that group coordinator to find out how the group operates, its schedule, and any other questions you may have. Taking a ‘test drive’ is a terrific way to meet some new folks and have fun.


If you would like to participate in any of the above groups or coordinate one, please let Gail know at interestgroups.portperryprobus@gmail.com. Count on Gail to have sign-up sheets at our monthly PROBUS membership meetings.


Gail Johnson Morris

Click here to see some of the work of our Open Studio Artists.




Current Interest Group Updates in Alphabetical Order:

ACTING FOR FUN - Evelyn McKenzie at evsurfing@yahoo.ca or 905-985-2587

The Acting For Fun interest group is still looking for some women that would like to play some small parts in the comedy play for this year. We rehearse here in Port Perry on the second and fourth Tuesday afternoon of the month.  We sure have lots of fun! If interested contact Evelyn McKenzie at 905-985-2687.

 ART & CRAFTS - CREATE & CHAT Lou Clement-Hobbs at chichi@persona.ca or phone 705 432-3229

If you are interested in sewing, knitting, crocheting, needlepoint, colouring or anything crafty - and having wonderful conversations while doing it - then consider joining the new CREATE & CHAT Group. We have a few people that like the format of ‘relaxing while creating’ if you are interested, please contact Lou.

ART - OPEN STUDIO – ART - Margaret Adamson at madamson905@gmail.com or 905-773-7828

The Open Studio group is scheduled for the next 3 sessions on Mondays: October 21, (1:00-4:00 p.m.), followed by November 11th and November 25th. We will continue to meet at the Prince Albert Church Hall - 23 Jeffrey Street.


New members are welcome to try this group to see if it is a fit for them. OPEN TO ANYONE WHO LOVES TO CREATE, DABBLE, EXPLORE, …This past month we had people join us who do scrap booking and knitting teddy bears for ‘Doctor’s With our Borders’.  Next month look for an update about Anne Harland’s endeavours after sharing her little bears at the September General Meeting.















’Bears Without Borders’ by Anne Harland


BOARD GAMES - Jenny Yorgason at j.yorgason@xplornet.ca or 905-986-5441 and Bill Morrison at  billandmaryare@gmail.com or 905-439-0484.

The Board Games Group usually meets on the first and third Thursdays of the month from 1:00 to 4:00 PM at the Scugog Library. The group typically has four to six members at each session. Among the games played so far have been Sequence and Mexican Train, and even players new to board games have found it quite fun learning the new games.

BOOK CLUB - Mary Arlt  at  arltmary21@gmail.com or 905-982-0159

Our book club is running smoothly and at the moment we will not be adding any readers to our group. However, from time to time there could be changes to our numbers and I will keep you informed. Our September book choice is THEY LEFT US EVERYTHING by Plum Johnson. If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact Mary.

BOOKWORMS BOOK CLUB Brenda Manns at mannsx2@sympatico.ca and Agnes Shaw at theshaw@sympatico.ca or 905-982-1558

The members of The Bookworms have been enjoying interesting discussions of our book selections. For our October get together we are reading ‘The Quintland Sisters’ by Shelley Wood. Our group is currently full and we have a waiting list. For information about the group or the books we are reading please contact Brenda.

BOWLING FOR FUN - Ann Skinner at skinntj@gmail.com and Pat McDougall at patmcdougall@yahoo.com or 905-982-8865


Bowling For Fun is a terrific way to get out and meet some new friends. We have roughly 28 members now and if anyone would like to join in the fun, please contact Ann Skinner. As always we are not expert bowlers, but we do have fun and varied conversations with the bowling balls and pins.

BREAKFAST CLUBS - Mary-Anne Unwin c/o interestgroups.portperryprobus@gmail.com

Both the Tuesday Breakfast club (2nd Tuesday of the month) and the Thursday Breakfast club (2nd Thursday) are currently full. Anyone is welcome to start a new Breakfast club, meeting on a day of their own choosing.

BRIDGE - BEGINNERS/INTERMEDIATE  - Judy Anderson at judykins999@yahoo.ca


This group continues to meet on a weekly basis on Tuesday afternoons. Now that the basics of bidding and play of the hand have been covered, we’ve moved to a shuffle and play format. This allows the group to feel comfortable with playing traditional kitchen bridge which incorporates scoring. Occasional discussions come up regarding bidding, but for the most part players have become independent. Although our group is currently full, Judy anticipates adding new members in the new year.

CRIBBAGE Barb Rootham at brb.rootham@gmail.com or 905-985-9066

“The Fifteen For Two Crew” meets bi-weekly on Thursday afternoons at alternating members’ homes.  Cribbage can be played with 2, 3, or 4 players, so there is never a challenge of not enough players to enjoy the afternoon games.     We currently have 9 members, and new members are always welcome.   Contact Barb for more information.

CURRENT EVENTS - Linda Schell at lindaschellconsulting@gmail.com or 905-242-8877

The Current Events group meets the 2nd LAST Thursday of each month at Port Perry Villa, Terrace Room - 1:30 to 3pm. This month’s meeting is Thursday October 24th. We enjoy on a well-rounded and interesting selection of topics chosen by the group members. New members are always welcome - just show up.

DARTS - John Leahy at jleahy6@gmail.com or 905-982-2695

The Darts Group’s fall start is Tuesday October 8th at 2:15 pm, plus the 50/50 draw. Meetings are at the Canadian Legion Branch 419 at 484 Bay St. (basement) at the corner of Bay and Old Simcoe St. in Port Perry. A Legion membership is not required. All are welcome - don't worry about your skill level as this is for fun. Please remove your hat when entering the Legion out of respect for the fallen.

DINNER - GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER (GWCTD) - Carole Matthews at dandcm43@yahoo.ca or 905-982-2702


This group is open and meets once a month on a Saturday evening. We send an email to the group with details of our next meeting, and it should be listed as well on the PROBUS club website calendar. We expect a lot of members to attend our dinners throughout the spring and summer, and many restaurants in the area only have a limited amount of room, so when you get the notice of the dinner, please RSVP early. If we get more interest than the number of seats available, we do keep a wait list in the event of cancellations. New members are always welcome.

DINNER - THE MUNCHKINS – Marg Miller at margandrodmiller@gmail.com or 226-229-9073 and Marilyn Hanna at jf.hanna@powergate.ca, or 905-985-6322

This Dinner Group meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. Our next dinner is scheduled for Thurs, Oct 17th at 5:30 at Bistro 67, 1604 Champlain Ave, Whitby.  The November dinner is on Nov 21st at Corrados Restaurant, 38 Baldwin St. N, Brooklin.  There will be no meeting in December.  Please RSVP to Marg or Marilyn to ensure your seat at the table each month.


EUCHRE – AFTERNOON - Ann Berube at ann.sundowner@gmail.com or 905-985-7102

This Group plays on alternate Fridays afternoons, usually with at least three (sometimes rowdy) tables of players, occasionally four. Our games are followed by refreshments and socializing. The group is full for now, with fifteen regulars and three spares. If you would like help to start another group, don’t hesitate to make contact. Cheers!.


BID EUCHRE – AFTERNOON  - Jayne Rees at rees.jayne@gmail.com or  905-852-4997 and Ann Berube at ann.sundowner@gmail.com or


The Bid Euchre Group plays on alternate Fridays and usually has good attendance and a lot of fun. We have lots of regular players and spares for now, but we may be looking for new players in the future!


EUCHRE 2 - AFTERNOON - Barb Rootham at brb.rootham@gmail.com or 905-985-9066 and Susan Merriman at susan.j.merriman@gmail.com or 416-892- 2127

The group meets monthly on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 1:30 PM in members’ homes.  Please contact Barb or Susan for information.

EUCHRE – EVENING - Margaret Adamsonat madamson905@gmail.com or 905-773-2878

We got back on schedule in September with monthly evenings of euchre and socializing at 7:00 p.m. (same date as the Probus General Meeting). Members rotate hosting in their homes. We are still needing some new members to join this interest group. Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself an experienced player. It’s a relaxed group.

FOODIES! – Melodie Scott at bmgscott101@gmail.com or 905-767-1505

Our group met for the first time on Sunday to discuss and plan how to proceed. We will be exploring everything about food with our mantra being “more eating than cooking”. The decision was made to meet quarterly. As we are meeting at each other’s homes we have decided to close the group to ensure we have enough room to accommodate cooking at each other’s homes. We can revisit this if we find we can accommodate more members. Our first food-focused meeting will be Saturday January 11th at Brenda Mann’s home. For this get together we have decided to have 3 members bring soup, 3 bring appetizers and finish off with one desert. We will each bring a copy of our recipe to share with the rest of the group. While there we will plan and set a date for the next meeting. We are all looking forward to our first adventure together in eating & cooking!

GARDENING! - Heather Hill Gibson at hhillgibson17@gmail.com or 905-985-9108

Our Gardening group visited at Darla Jemmett’s garden where she shared some seeds and plants with us all. Coming in October is a trip to Eke Van der Zee’s garden. To be held at Marg Miller’s home, our plan in November is to bring the materials to create seasonal wreaths and décor items. We are all on the hunt for large pine cones!

GOLF - Dave Matthews at dandcm43@yahoo.ca  or 905-982-2702

Check with Dave regarding the upcoming golf outing dates and club locations. We are getting ready to wind this down for the season!

HIKING - Bill Morrison at billandmaryare@gmail.com  or (h) 905-439-0484 (m) 905-439-0484

The hiking group meets twice monthly, on the first and third Fridays. Hikes usually start at 9:25 am; particulars for each hike are emailed to group members a few days before the planned hike date. The October hike is scheduled for Friday, October 4, October 18, and so on. To join the group, or for any questions, please contact Bill.


INVESTMENT - PORT INVESTMENT GROUP - Ann Skinner at skinntj@gmail.com or 905-982-8865

The Investment members meet at Scrambles on the 3rd Monday of each month. The start time has moved to 10:00 am, beginning in October. on a monthly basis. For September we welcome Speaker Shelley Johnston - pension specialist. Shelly will discuss ‘Managing wealth from different sources’. As always we will have a lively Q&A period. Following the Speaker we enjoy a meal and some social time together.


JAZZ  New Coordinator Needed!

We need a new coordinator for the Jazz interest group. If you have an interest in Jazz and have a few minutes each month to coordinate the group, please contact Gail Johnson Morris at interestgroups.portperryprobus@gmail.com.

LAWN BOWLING - Dennis Bayley at dennis.bayley@icloud.com or 289-989-0178

Thirteen PROBUS members are enjoying lawn bowling at the Port Perry Lawn Bowling Club. The club is located on Old Simcoe Rd. just north of Reach Rd. Wear flat soled shoes or sneakers. Please contact Dennis for the latest information on this group.

LUNCH MEETUP - Gail Johnson Morris at interestgroups.portperryprobus@gmail.com

Due to the Bountiful Harvest, the October meetup is cancelled. See you all in November!!!


LUNCH - THE LUNCH BUNCH – Susan Barber at susan_barber_4@live.com or 905-854-5771

This Lunch Group meets monthly on the 4th Wednesday at 12:00 Noon.  Please contact Susan for information about the upcoming restaurant for our next meeting.

MODEL BOATS - New Coordinator Needed!

We have four members interested in building model boats. We just need a coordinator to get the group going. If you’re interested in Model Boats and possibly to join the interest group, please sign up at the next member’s meeting.


MOVIE GROUP - New Coordinator Needed!

The group attends movies each month. Join the Movie Group and get early notice of the excellent $2.00 movies held at the Port Perry Library 6:30 pm on Thursday evenings! If interested to join please contact Gail Johnson Morris at interestgroups.portperryprobus@gmail.com.

PHOTOGRAPHY – Reinhardt Arlt at rlarlt@sympatico.ca or 905-982-0159

The photography group now has a coordinator and the kick-off meeting has been arranged. For any questions, please contact Reinhardt.

SINGLES - Denise Throp at deniset1954@gmail.com and Cathy Jeffrey at cjef@bell.net

The purpose of the Singles’ Group is to enjoy activities with other people who typically do things alone. Let’s get out and enjoy life and our community! Our focus is to ensure that singletons have more opportunities to get together and have a fun social time.


Denise and Cathy maintain the Singles’ Group member list which is shared amongst all Singles' Group members. Group members are encouraged to follow Denise’s lead and suggest an activity and go ahead to invite other group members to join them. Potential activities include:

  • meeting for breakfast, coffee, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner, either at a restaurant or in someone’s home

  • studio, house or garden tours

  • -concerts, theatre, movies, dances

  • sporting events

  • walking or more strenuous sports

  • visiting tourist attractions (parks, museums, galleries)

  • visiting towns for shopping or specialty markets

  • overnight trips and vacations.

THEATRE TOWN HALL - Judy L. Anderson at ukeladyjudy@gmail.com or 905-985-4257


Welcome to events in Port Perry at Town Hall 1873 Centre For the Performing Arts performed by our local community theatre groups, known collectively as the Port Perry Town Hall Players, Borelians Community Theatre, and Scugog Choral Society (SCSMusicals). Season Tickets for all shows are available now!


As there will not be a Town Hall Interest Group table at the next membership meeting, email Judy L. Anderson at ukeladyjudy@gmail.com


Here are the events coming up at Town Hall 1873:

  • Renovations, presented by Borelians Community Theatre opens Oct. 10 for 2 weekends. This is a hilarious and heartwarming story of Brent and Jenny, a young couple in the midst of renovating an old Victorian house in a small southern Ontario town. On the surface, all seems well ...they are still madly in love, Jenny's dad is lending a much-needed hand and they are meeting the neighbours; but there are cracks in more than the plaster. Soon, both the past and the future begin to exert more pressure. Is the foundation strong enough to withstand the weight? Please email Judy if you are interested in a group rate ticket. Dates: Oct. 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19 at 8:00 pm and Matinees on Oct. 12 and 19 at 2:00 pm. Group rate: 6 or more people pay $20.00 each.

  • Join me for several tribute shows this Fall with incredibly talented artists performing the music we love, the way we remember it. Stones Tribute band - Oct. 26,  Surf City - Nov, 2,  Neil Young Tribute Concert - Nov. 9, Bob Seger Tribute Show - Nov. 16.

  • Nuncrackers – The Nunsense Christmas Musical opens with a Gala on Friday November 29th for 2 weekends. It is presented by SCSMusicals. Please email Judy if you are interested in a group ticket. She will try to get 10 or more people.

  • Disney's The Little Mermaid opens in March. Auditions are complete.


TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL - Judy Spring at judith.spring@outlook.com or 905-447-4557

At the September 12th meeting, members discussed a schedule and topics for 2019-2020, and shared information about their travel experiences during the past summer. The October meeting will be on Thursday, October 10th from 11:30 – 1:30 at Colonel Mustard’s, 15 Water St., Port Perry. At this meeting, members will join with the new Florida Winter Travel group to discuss winter travel plans. Tim Casey will also provide a slide presentation on a proposed PROBUS trip to the wine country of France in 2020.

WINE TASTING I – Jim Adamson at jim.adamson07@aol.com or 905-773-2878

Our wine tasting group meets monthly at a member’s home for an evening of tasting various wines combined with appropriate pairings. Our September gathering featured a Spanish theme, with wines predominantly from the Rioja region in northern Spain. The group thought that other Probus members might like to try our “pick of the evening”. We chose Cerro Añon Reserva 2014 “Part of an impressive range from this large winery, the Cerro Añón Reserva marriesTempranillo with 20% Graciano and Mazuelo and spends 20 months in American and French oak. It's a fresh, well-balanced style with fine tannin management and some sweetness from the oak. Highly drinkable. Drink Date: 2018-2023. Score - 91.” A picture of the Cerro Añón Reserva is inserted below.

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