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Interest Groups - January 2020

Happy New Year! As you look forward to the new decade, please consider adding in a fun activity. Making new friends, and deepening others, is one way to get the most out of your time n PROBUS. Below is a list of the Interest Groups we have planned and those that are running now.!


  • Genealogy

  • Model Boats

  • Winetasting II 

Please find below our current interest groups; above are a few of the potential groups on offer! For those who are thinking about starting up an interest group, Gail can support you through the process. To get rolling, first confirm a group coordinator that will email your group reminders for when/where the next meeting is and any necessary reservations. Test Drive Option: if you want to try a group, contact that group coordinator to find out how the group operates, its schedule, and any other questions you may have. Taking a ‘test drive’ is a terrific way to meet some new folks and have fun.

If you would like to coordinate a new group, please let Gail know at interestgroups.portperryprobus@gmail.com. Count on Gail to have sign-up sheets at our monthly PROBUS membership meetings.


Gail Johnson Morris

Click here to see some of the work of our Open Studio Artists.




Interest Group Updates:

ACTING FOR FUN - Evelyn McKenzie at evsurfing@gmail.com or 905-985-2587

The Acting For Fun interest group is open to new members. We rehearse here in Port Perry on the second and fourth Tuesday afternoon of the month. We sure have lots of fun! If interested contact Evelyn.

ART - OPEN STUDIO – ART - Margaret Adamson at madamson905@gmail.com or 905-773-7828

The Open Studio group continues to meet on the second and fourth Monday of each month. The new year schedule will begin with January 13th, 27th and February 10th. New members are always welcome as we have room at the warm, bright Prince Albert Hall. Access is easy, with a flat, well plowed driveway. A warm and special thank you to our PROBUS Open Studio members for sharing their works with us at our December meeting!

BOARD GAMES - Jenny Yorgason at j.yorgason@xplornet.ca or 905-986-5441 and Bill Morrison at  billandmaryare@gmail.com or 905-439-0484.

The Board Games Group usually meets on the first and third Thursday of the month from 1:00 to 4:00 PM at the Scugog Library. The group typically has four to six members at each session; given the number of members waiting, we are considering starting up a new section. Among the games played so far have been Sequence and Mexican Train, and even players new to board games have found it quite fun learning the new games.

BOOK CLUB - Mary Arlt  at  arltmary21@gmail.com or 905-982-0159

Our book club is running smoothly and at the moment we will not be adding any readers to our group. However, from time to time there could be changes to our numbers and I will keep you informed. Here is a heads up on upcoming books for 2020: THE LOST LETTER BY JILLIAN CANTOR, BORN A CRIME BY TREVOR NOAH and THE SILENT PATIENT BY ALEX MICHAELIDES.

BOOKWORMS BOOK CLUB Brenda Manns at mannsx2@sympatico.ca and Agnes Shaw at theshaw@sympatico.ca or 905-982-1558

The Bookworms are currently reading ‘A Woman is No Man’ by Etaf Rum. Our meetings are held on the fourth Tuesday of each month If you have any questions about this group please email Brenda.

BOWLING FOR FUN - Ann Skinner at skinntj@gmail.com and Pat McDougall at patmcdougall@yahoo.com or 905-982-8865

We enjoyed our Bowling Christmas get together at Castle John’s Pub where fun, lunch, and darts were on the menu. Bowling restarts Thursday January 30th. If you would like to join our bowling group contact Ann or Pat by email.

BREAKFAST CLUBS - Mary-Anne Unwin c/o interestgroups.portperryprobus@gmail.com

Both the Tuesday Breakfast club (2nd Tuesday of the month) and the Thursday Breakfast club (2nd Thursday) are currently full.


BRIDGE - BEGINNERS/INTERMEDIATE  - Judy Anderson at judykins999@yahoo.ca


This group continues to meet on a weekly basis on Tuesday afternoons. With the basics of bidding and play of the hand covered, we’ve moved to a shuffle and play format. This allows the group to feel comfortable with playing traditional kitchen bridge which incorporates scoring. Occasional discussions come up regarding bidding, but for the most part players have become independent. Although our group is currently full, we anticipate adding new members in the new year.

CREATE & CHAT – Lou Ellen Clement-Hobbs at chichi@persona.ca or 705 432 3229

Great news! The first get together for the create and chat group will be Wednesday, January 16th at the home of Lou E Clement-Hobbs at 2 pm. There is room for 3 more people to join a fun filled 2 hours of working on your own projects, warm conversation, and delicious treats. How can it get any better? Please contact Lou for more details.


CRIBBAGE Barb Rootham at brb.rootham@gmail.com or 905-985-9066


“The Fifteen For Two Crew” meets bi-weekly on Thursday afternoons at alternating members’ homes. Cribbage can be played with 2, 3, or 4 players, so there is never a challenge of not enough players to enjoy the afternoon games. We currently have 9 members, and new members are always welcome. Contact Barb for more information.

CURRENT EVENTS - Linda Schell at lindaschellconsulting@gmail.com or 905-242-8877

The Current Events group meets at Port Perry Villa, Terrace Room - 1:30 to 3pm on the last Thursday of each month. Please contact Linda if you are interested in our news and views.

FUN DARTS - John Leahy at jleahy6@gmail.com or 905-982-2695 and and Ken Crossley at magentis@checkmail.ca or 705-786-1707


Fun Darts meets every Tuesday 2:15-4:30p.m. at The Canadian Legion Branch 419 at 484 Bay St. (basement) corner of Bay and Old Simcoe St, in Port Perry. A Legion Membership is not required. Ladies are welcome. Don't worry about your skill level this is not a league, it’s just for fun only. We also have a 50/50 draw. P.S. Please remove your hat when entering the Legion out of respect for the fallen. For information please contact John or Ken.


DINNER - GUESS WHO’S COMING TO DINNER (GWCTD) - Carole Matthews at dandcm43@yahoo.ca or 905-982-2702

This group is open and meets once a month on a Saturday evening. We send an email to the group with details of our next meeting. We expect a lot of members to attend our dinners throughout the spring and summer, and many restaurants in the area only have a limited amount of room, so when you get the notice of the dinner, please RSVP early. If we get more interest than the number of seats available, we do keep a wait list in the event of cancellations. New members are always welcome! Please contact Carole for questions.

DINNER - THE MUNCHKINS – Marg Miller at margandrodmiller@gmail.com or 226-229-9073 and Marilyn Hanna at jf.hanna@powergate.ca, or


The Munchkins Dinner Group meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the month at 5:30 p.m. Our next dinner is scheduled for Thurs, January 16th at 5:30 at Bamboo Kitchen & Bar, 155 Queen St, Port Perry. Please RSVP to Marg or Marilyn to ensure your seat at the table each month.

EUCHRE – AFTERNOON - Ann Berube at ann.sundowner@gmail.com or 905-985-7102


This Group plays on alternate Fridays afternoons, usually with at least three (sometimes rowdy) tables of players, occasionally four. Our games are followed by refreshments and socializing. The group is full for now, with fifteen regulars and three spares. If you would like help to start another group, don’t hesitate to make contact. Cheers!

BID EUCHRE – AFTERNOON  - Jayne Rees at rees.jayne@gmail.com or  905-852-4997 and Ann Berube at ann.sundowner@gmail.com or



The Bid Euchre Group plays on alternate Fridays and usually has good attendance and a lot of fun. We have lots of regular players and spares for now, but we may be looking for new players in the future!

EUCHRE THE TABLE TAKERS - AFTERNOON - Barb Rootham at brb.rootham@gmail.com or 905-985-9066 and Susan Merriman at susan.j.merriman@gmail.com or 416-892- 2127

The Bid Euchre Group plays on alternate Fridays and usually has good attendance and a lot of fun. We have lots of regular players and spares for now, but we may be looking for new players in the future!

EUCHRE – EVENING - Margaret Adamsonat madamson905@gmail.com or 905-773-2878


These monthly euchre games are played at 7:00 p.m. on the Tuesday evening of our Probus General Meeting. A rotating schedule for the members to host in their homes has been set up for 2020..

FOODIES! – Melodie Scott at bmgscott101@gmail.com or 905-767-1505


Happy New Year everyone!  The Foodies first meeting since our original planning meeting is on Saturday January 11th.  We are all looking forward to enjoying the soup and appetizer creations that our members are bringing.  To finish up the meal, Brenda will be providing dessert for all of us.  We plan on discussing different options and ideas for our upcoming meetings and coming up with some interesting and exciting ideas, themes and some date(s). Next month we should have some pictures of us and our yummy creations to share.  Until then, Bon Appétit.

GARDENING - BLOOMERS! - Heather Hill Gibson at hhillgibson17@gmail.com or 905-985-9108

Our gardening group renamed itself to ‘Bloomers!’. We enjoyed a social time at Gail Johnson Morris’s home and each received a beautiful amaryllis bulb to plant and enjoy over the festive season. Our next meeting will be in March – stay tuned for details.

GOLF - Dave Matthews at dandcm43@yahoo.ca  or 905-982-2702


The golf group has wound down for the season – all that is left is a settling of bets and sharing of tall tales. Watch this space for notice of the Spring game start-up.


HIKING - Bill Morrison at billandmaryare@gmail.com  or (h) 905-439-0484 (m) 905-439-0484


Typically the hiking group meets twice monthly, on the first and third Fridays. However, the group is on a hiatus for the next 3 sessions – and will hike again on Friday, January 17th . Hikes usually start at 9:25 am; particulars for each hike are emailed to group members a few days before the planned hike date. To join the group, or for any questions, please contact Bill.

INVESTMENT - PORT INVESTMENT GROUP - Ann Skinner at skinntj@gmail.com or 905-982-8865


The Port Investment Group will be having a shortened Investment meeting this month combined with a Pot Luck Lunch to celebrate the festive season. Our Annual General Meeting will start at 10:00 am on Monday January 20th, 2020 at Scrambles in Uxbridge.


JAZZ -  Coordinator Needed!


We seek a new coordinator for the Jazz interest group. If you have an interest in Jazz and have a few minutes each month to coordinate the group, please contact Gail Johnson Morris at interestgroups.portperryprobus@gmail.com.

LAWN BOWLING - Dennis Bayley at dennis.bayley@icloud.com or 289-989-0178

Thirteen PROBUS members are enjoying lawn bowling at the Port Perry Lawn Bowling Club. The club is located on Old Simcoe Rd. just north of Reach Rd. Wear flat soled shoes or sneakers. Please contact Dennis for the latest information on this group.


LUNCH MEETUP - Gail Johnson Morris at interestgroups.portperryprobus@gmail.com

After each of our monthly member meetings, we reconvene for a social and lively lunch. Gail asks for a show of hands so we have an estimate for how many are joining the monthly get together at Colonel Mustard’s Bar and Grill on Water St. in Port Perry. See you there!

LUNCH - THE LUNCH BUNCH – Susan Barber at susan_barber_4@live.com or 905-854-5771

This Lunch Group is now open for new members & meets monthly on the 4th Wednesday at 12:00 Noon. Our group is a great way to really get to know some members! Please contact Susan for information about the upcoming restaurant for our next meeting.

MODEL BOATS - Coordinator Needed!

We have several members interested in building model boats. We just need a coordinator to get the group going. If you’re interested in Model Boats and possibly to join the interest group, please sign up at the next member’s meeting.


MOVIE GROUP – Denise Throp at deniset1954@gmail.com

Get on the distribution list to hear about all the movies on offer that PROBUS friends are likely to attend. Bargain Alert!: Join to get early notice of the excellent $2.00 movies held at the Port Perry Library 6:30 pm on Thursday evenings! Two members went to see the movie Bombshell on New Year’s Day. Quite a start to our year!

PHOTOGRAPHY – Reinhardt Arlt at rlarlt@sympatico.ca or 905-982-0159

The photography group is now well underway! To join in or for any questions, please contact Reinhardt.


SINGLETONS - Denise Throp at deniset1954@gmail.com and Cathy Jeffrey at cjef@bell.net

Join our group if you want to get out and enjoy life and our community!

THEATRE TOWN HALL - Judy L. Anderson at ukeladyjudy@gmail.com or 905-985-4257


Welcome to events in Port Perry at Town Hall 1873 Centre For the Performing Arts, now branded as Town Hall Theare. Four performances are given by our local community theatre groups, known collectively as the Port Perry Town Hall Players. Other entertainers also provide excellent dramatic and musical experiences. Borelians Community Theatre and Scugog Choral Society (SCSMusicals) offer Season Tickets for all shows which are available now! Come to the Town Hall Theatre Interest Group table at our member meetings to find events are coming up at the Town Hall theatre here in Port Perry. List of events:

  • -Borelians' production of "Cat On a Hot Tin Roof" opens on February 13th. Please email or speak with Judy if you are interested in a group rate ticket. She will try to get 6 or more people to attend the same show and pay just $20.00;

  • -Join me for several tribute shows with incredibly talented artists performing the music we love, the way we remember it A "Simon and Garfunkel" tribute band on February 1st will fill the house.

  • -SCSMusicals presents Disney’s "The Little Mermaid" from March 27th – April 11th, with a local doctor playing the role of the prince and a retiring Probus member in the chorus. It opens with a Gala on Friday March 27th for 3 weekends. Dates and times are: Mar. 27, 28, Apr. 3, 4, 9, 10 at 7:30 pm and Mar. 28, 29, Apr. 4, 5, 11 at 2:00 pm. Meet Judy at the Town Hall Theatre Interest table. Let's choose a date and take a Probus group to our Town Hall!


The box office is now open at www.townhall1873.ca for all productions. Come early. Park nearby. Enjoy dinner and walk to the theatre. Group tickets can be arranged. If you would like to volunteer at any Town Hall 1873 shows, please speak to Judy about how you could help your community theatre.


TRAVEL INTERNATIONAL - Judy Spring at judith.spring@outlook.com or 905-447-4557

Winter alert: We are on a snowbird hiatus! Our next meeting will be held on Thursday, March 12th at Colonel Mustard’s at 11:30 am. Judy will provide a Travelogue on the cruise to South America. Happy Birthday to Judy! Judy is enjoying her birthday on the South American cruise with other PROBUS members. Nice.


WINE TASTING I – Jim Adamson at jim.adamson07@aol.com or 905-773-2878

The group elected to pause for the month of DeceThe group elected to pause for the month of December to make room for all of the demands related to the frenetic holiday preparations. We will resume our monthly tastings as early in the new year as snowbird schedules allow.

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