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July 20, 2021




"Heroes and Villains of the Titanic"

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July 20, 2021




"Post Covid-19 Travel"

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As with most disasters involving man made machinery, the sinking of the Titanic on that fateful day on April 15, 1912 could have been avoided were it not for a number of human interventions, before and during the catastrophe. At the same time, the impact of the disaster could have been far greater were it not for the brave acts of certain individuals who placed the lives of others ahead of their own.

In this talk Nick French tells the tale of the Titanic around the interesting characters who played key roles in every aspect of her life leading to her catastrophic sinking and its aftermath.

About our speaker:

Nick French was born in Harare, Zimbabwe and studied science and business management at the University of Cape Town. Afterwards he worked in a number of different positions in South Africa ranging from research and development to sales and marketing, and later transferred to Singapore.

Nick hails from PROBUS Somerset West, not far from Cape Town, where he now lives a retired life with his wife Sylvia. He is the current Chairman of the PROBUS Association of the Western Cape and a Distinguished Toastmaster. His passion is researching items of historical interest and compiling and presenting talks on his chosen topics to various associations.

Virginia Frew has spent 33 years at Marlin Travel Port Perry. This busy office has been helping the residents of Scugog plan their perfect travel escapes and have weathered many storms but none the likes of Covid-19. They fastened their seatbelts and this little office of five survived the pandemic and are booking future trips as demand has never been greater. Virginia will tell us about getting through the toughest time in travel history and where travel is headed in the future.


Marlin Travel is a full service travel agency that opened in Port Perry in 1984. Their 5 agents have well over 100 years full time and first hand travel experience. They are proud to always support the community.

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