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March 21, 2023

Main Presentation


The Luck O' The Irish

"Mysterious, superstitious, religious, tenacious, ingenious, courageous and indomitable. Before pubs and St. Patrick, beyond leprechauns and shamrocks, take a journey into the history of the people and land of Ireland."


About the Speaker:


Working as a Social Studies/History Resource Specialist Consultant with the Toronto District School Board and curriculum advisor for Upper Canada College, Lianne has taught over 100,000 teachers and students (usually in authentic period clothing). Her love of history has involved her in various initiatives such as the Freedman Bureau Records for the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., and curriculum development and business start-ups in India. In 2003, she was selected by W.O.M.A.D. as one of Toronto’s Women of Influence and in 2009 was invited to be a contributing author of the Canadian best-seller business/self-help book, 'The Power of Women United'. Appearing on TV and being interviewed on the radio many times, she is always happy to have a live or virtual audience.

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Travel Insurance should be part of your vacation planning. Join Yvonne to learn more about travel insurance and how Medoc can protect you. 


About the Speaker:

Yvonne Brady is a Senior Consultant with Johnson Insurance.


Yvonne started her insurance career back in 1996 and has continued her career in various roles in the Insurance industry. As a proud 14-year member of the Johnson Insurance team and a 25 year veteran in insurance, she enjoys sharing her many years of experience and knowledge with others.

March 21, 2023

Short Presentation


Travel Insurance through Medoc

Upcoming Speakers for our 2023 Monthly Meetings

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May 16      Durham Region Police Service - The K9 Unit

June 20     Mike Daley - “The Motown Story''

July 18      John Jefkins – “My Father Came to Canada                       as a British Child”

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