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October Main Speaker

November 17th, 2020


"Wild, Weird and Wacky Weather"

November Short Presentation Speaker

November 17th, 2020

To Be Announced

In a province that is so vast and surrounded by the Great Lakes, it is no wonder we have some of the most interesting weather in the world. It offers such a variety all year round because of its terrain,

temperature variations and location. Learn about Fall Streak Holes, Superior Mirages and discover how far south the Aurora Borealis can actually be seen. This presentation combines Ontario's weather uniqueness, power and beauty all wrapped into one.

About Our Speaker


David T. Chapman started doing photography as well as storm chasing at the age of 16. He is self-taught in the art of photography and has been pursuing his career professionally since the age of eighteen. He learned at a very young age from his father to appreciate his surrounding environment. He enjoys taking photographs and video of weather phenomena, especially lightning, as well as scenery and nature. David likes to seek out unusual examples of nature such as inferior mirages, albino birds, ice caves and various types of naturally created vortexes, ranging in size from dust devils to tornadoes. David is also a professional speaker and enjoys entertaining and educating a great crowd. His main areas of expertise are weather/Aurora Borealis, Local Interests and Scenery of Ontario, Birds and Wildlife.

To be announced 


Upcoming Speakers for our 2020 Zoom General Meetings

DEC. 15th       “Christmas: Stories and Symbols” with Lianne                                          Harris. Our speaker will appear in costume and her                                talk is a combination of lecture, performance,                                          education and entertainment

                        Live-streamed holiday music with Irwin Smith

                        Lots of Great Prizes to be given away


JAN. 2021       “A World of Paradox - A Whirlwind Tour of the World”

                         through the lens of Jonathan van Bilsen

FEB. 2021      “Icons of Canadian Popular Music” with Daniel Aonso

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