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April Main Speaker

April 20, 2021




"Sharing your Garden with Nature"

PROBUS G Carpentier  Photo AUG. 17, 2020

We all love to be near nature but do we do the correct things to live with nature. So many times we do what we think is right to help and encourage wild things that share our spaces, but are we doing the right things at the right times?


Join Geoff Carpentier as he will discuss attracting and feeding birds and other animals, pollinators care, lawn care and maintenance with nature in mind, natural foods vs bagged seeds, windows, nest boxes, bat boxes, bee hotels, pets and water features.


About Geoff:

Geoff Carpentier’s interest in nature began in childhood when he wandered through the woods and countryside near his Canadian home, learning about nature first hand. From the time he went to university to study wildlife to when he worked for Parks Canada and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, he has dedicated his life to protecting and studying wild things – be they birds, mammals, insects or plants. After his retirement in 2006 Geoff headed off on a new career path where he put his lifelong studies to work – he became an expedition and interpretive guide. He has led numerous trips to Antarctica, Svalbard, Russia and Alaska, Eastern Europe, Cuba, Borneo and Tanzania. A prolific author, Geoff wrote a previous book on mammals, is widely published in nature magazines and newspapers including the Port Perry Standard. He is also a member of the PROBUS Club of Port Perry.

April Short Presentation

April 20, 2021




“Age-Friendly University and Community Initiatives”

PROBUS Shilpa Dogra Photo  APR 13, 2021.

In her talk on “Age-Friendly University and Community Initiatives,” Dr. Shilpa Dogra, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Science at Ontario Tech University, explains various initiatives aimed at creating an age-friendly environment that supports active aging and intergenerational collaboration. She also shares her research which is used to inform decision making and promote an age-friendly community for all.


About Dr. Dogra:

Dr. Shilpa Dogra is an Associate Professor and Researcher in the Faculty of Health Sciences in Kinesiology, and the Chair of the Committee for an Age Friendly University.  Dr. Dogra is an exercise scientist with expertise in active aging, sedentary behaviour, and age-friendly environments. She has spoken at national and international conferences on these topics, and has published over 60 peer-reviewed scientific papers in academic journals.

Upcoming Speakers for our 2021 Zoom General Meetings

MAY 2021            “Smile” with Judy Suke. In this extremely humorous                                 presentation, Judy shares her ideas for handling the                               stress of our restrictive lives.