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Things to Do

We have put together information and  links to lots of different activities for you to enjoy in and around Port Perry, as well as sources  for your educational and entertainment  enjoyment. As with any internet activity, please be extremely cautious in providing personal or financial information when accessing these sites. Please don't hesitate to let us know of you have more interesting sites to add by contacting



Here are the shows for the holiday season at Town Hall 1873 Theatre.
Proof of vaccination and wearing a mask in Town Hall 1873 Theatre are not required. Call 905-985-8181 for more informatio
n or check out their website at

The Last Resort
Murder Mystery/Musical Comedy
April 12, 13, 19, 20 at 8 p.m.
April 13, 14, 20 at 2 p.m.
Tickets: $30.00

Saturday April 27 at 8 p.m.
Tickets: $50.00

The Pirates of Penzance
Musical Concert
Sunday May 5 at 8 p.m.
Tickets: $38.00

The Led-Zeppelin Experience
Saturday May 11 at 8 p.m.
Tickets: $50.00


Many PROBUS members continue to enjoy our Wednesday Matinees at Jester’s Court in the “Listening Room” upstairs.This is perfect for those who choose not to drive into Toronto to hear top rate groups. 
You will see other PROBUS members there. Please wear your PROBUS name tag! For more information contact Lynn McDonald, 289-354-1140 or


Port Perry Snapshots Short Play Festival

An annual playwriting competition celebrating the moments that can define either a

single life or a whole community in a small Ontario town.
Friday May 10 at 7:30 p.m, Saturday May 11 at 2:00 p.m. Tickets: $25.00 or call the box office at 905-242-9343.

For Port Perry in particular, see the website Discover Port Perry for a wide variety of things to do in and around the town.

And below are some of the other useful websites for spring activities:


Port Perry Events

Oshawa Events

Whitby Events


town hall theatre
Elderly couple

Museums and Galleries


Canadian Art Gem - A wonderful and informative website dedicated to great Canadian artists right in our own backyard. 


Scrapbooking in the Past - Before radio and TV were invented, people entertained themselves in different ways. One form of entertainment was the scrap album or scrapbook. 


Although the Natural History Museum in London (UK) formally opened it’s doors in 1881, the collection actually started almost 300 years ago with the collection of a physician who traveled the world collecting interesting things.


Visit the Vatican Virtually - Here’s your chance to tour some of the most famous rooms in the Vatican but without the crowds.



The International Spy Museum in Washington, DC is one of the area’s most popular tourist sites.  It documents all aspects of espionage and has one of the largest collections of espionage artifacts from around the world


Enjoy these on line tours of local and international art galleries and museums. Click on the links below.



The Louvre, Paris

Vatican Museums

Visit the Vancouver Art Gallery website to view images and summaries of their past, current and upcoming exhibitions 

The Charles Dickens Museum in London has a collection of about 100,000 pieces (including letters, furniture, clothing and illustrations) which relate to Dickens and his work


Art for Seniors -  Art Gallery of Ontario has a virtual Seniors Social Program - Free


Art as Fun - Daily Art Magazine's podcasts, slides, webinars - expand your knowledge of art.

British National Trust - Writing an historical novel? Check this out.

Scotland Treasures - Dig It - A Scottish Archaeology Hub

Museum Adventures  -  Natural History Museum - Museum of South Kensington (near London, UK)

Modern Day Paint by Numbers - Have fun painting your own famous painting!

Bike Riding Couple
Oshawa Tech
Whitby garden
Palmer Park

On Line Courses

Origami - The art of paper-folding has roots in China, Japan and Europe. Here are two sites to help get you started in this ancient art:

Origami Beginners Guide

Origami Tutorial


Improving Your Memory - Harvard University


McMaster University’s Learning for 55+ courses will be available beginning Feb 2 with “Be Your Own Life Coach.” 


Acrylic Wildflowers and Honey Bee Workshop - An on-line course offered by Trent University - Fee required

How to Paint Outdoors in Watercolor Workshop - On-line course offered by Trent University - Fee required

Acrylic Jack Pine Painting Workshop - One-line course offered by Trent University - Fee required


Watercolour Bouquet in a Vase Workshop - On line course offered by Trent University - Fee required


The Khan Academy provides courses from algebra to computer science, physics to grammar, history to calculus, filmmaking, and more for all age groups.

CS50 course at Harvard - free introductory course to Computer Science

MOOCs (Massive Open On Line Courses) are free on line courses on a wide variety of subjects offered by major universities and colleges locally and  throughout the world.


The Beginner's Guide to MOOCs offers a good introduction to MOOCs.

Other MOOC providers not listed in the above site are:

Open Learn

Future Learn


Movies & TV Shows

Listed below are some of the websites that list free movies and TV shows for streaming to your device or TV.

If you didn’t see it on TVO recently or last April, have a look at the TVO website video about the journey of  6 orphaned grizzly cubs from tiny tots to their release in the wild. 


Free Movies on Kanopy - e - membership is free through your local Durham public library

My Octopus Teacher - A Netflix documentary capturing a year spent with an octopus

Stay at Home Cinema with TIFF

Britain's National Theatre


CTV Movies

Online Streaming Options in Canada

Reel Good

Free Internet TV

To learn how to stream movies and other shows to your TV, click here.

TED Talks and Other Interesting Courses and Lectures

There are thousands of TED talks, so visit the site at: Take a look at their library and try one – maybe daily.

From the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, watch this video of one woman’s effort to save the endangered Greater Adjutant stork and how she motivated communities in Assam, India to embrace this undertaking. 

The Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre (OTCC) presented a webinar giving a behind-the-scenes tour of the Centre and showcasing their hospital which “treats, rehabilitates and releases injured turtles”. 


Free Online Mindfulness Classes for Older Adults

Volcanoes - where we came from and why we don't want to return - The Earth 4 billion years ago


Beauty on Earth Now - Tulip Fields in the Netherlands


On line workshops for writing memoirs - with Anne Bokma - cost involved

Writing for Fun or Profit - Writers' Community of Durham Region


Ottawa History Online - January 20 lecture on Zoom

Historic Sites of England, Wales and Northern Ireland - The Royal Oak Historical Society

Gratitude by Louie Schwartzberg, an award winning photographer, who  specializes in time lapse photography. 

What Makes Us Happy

Scottish Story Telling - Interesting stories about Scotland

Get to Know your Cousins - a great lecture on anthropology

The Great Courses offers college-level courses on CD, DVD & digitally, most in the $30 - $60 range


For the History buff, try these great sites:

Time Travel - walk back time in segments of tens of millions of years to see where our home was in the world

EDTechTeacher - Best of History Websites

Arch 20 - free on-line virtual tours of historical sites

Mediation & Relaxation - a variety of scheduled virutal seminars - free and open to everyone - from the University of Virginia's Contemplative Sciences Center

Tree Companions - Learn about the largest and oldest living things

Interesting Historical Sites

The Soul of Newfoundland and Labrador at its best-  all types of stories about Newfoundland & Labrador – the language, whales, art & architecture, nature & wildlife, people & culture, music & celebration and so on.

Did you know that housed on the top floor of the Toronto Reference Library is the Arthur Conan Doyle room?  The room is decorated as though it’s Sherlock Holmes’ Victorian-era study.  


Check out the events calendar on the Ontario Historical Society website for online presentations hosted by various Ontario museums and historical societies. 

Scugog Shores Museum Village and Archives is presenting their next event that will be “Adventures at the Boo-seum” from 11am – 3pm on Sunday, October 24th. 

Historic Environment Scotland has a series of online exhibitions which provide a glimpse into various aspects of the Scottish historical environment 

The Museum of Nova Scotia has put together a series of short YouTube videos by Roger Lewis, Mi’Kmaq Cultural Heritage Curator.  Through these talks, Mr. Lewis gives us a greater understanding of the history and culture of the Mi”kmaq people


A Road Trip with Yvette Rogers – nine short videos highlighting specific areas in Cape Breton, and,  “Special Presentations” - ten short YouTube videos detailing the history and culture of Nova Scotia.

The Library and Archives Canada website provides information and resources for research on the various ethno-cultural groups who have immigrated to Canada.


Historical Background on Niagara-on-the-Lake - The Niagara on the Lake Museum has a number of You-Tube videos available which detail the history of that area. 


The Museum of Ontario Archaeology has several online exhibits that may be of interest

Triskele Heritage - focused primarily on the archaeology aspect of Britain

The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library houses the rare and special collections of the University of Toronto


Anne of Green Gables - The Pickering Museum has a series of 3 podcasts about author Lucy Maud Montgomery

History Extra - Great site for history buffs

History of Port Perry - Scugog Townshhip Heritage Gallery


Parkwood Estates in Oshawa - Online events at the Parkwood National Historic Site

The Pickering Museum Village has a series of YouTube presentations on historic fashion


Canadian Archives -  a non-profit library of millions of free books, movies, software, music, websites, and more


Culture in Oshawa - The Robert McLaughlin Gallery 

Canadian Astronomy Website - Discussions on the stars for all levels of expertise

Thomas Fisher Library
Arthur Conan Doyle
Koi Pond 2
Lemon Asparagus Risotto

Recipes / Food / Gardening

Are you interested in online cooking courses where you can learn (or simply improve) your skills in the privacy of your own kitchen?  An article on the site has listed The 22 Best Online Cooking Classes That Will Take You From Amateur to Pro in No Time. 


Eat History is a company founded by food historian Manon Henzen.  On her website she offers historical cooking trips and online courses. 


British Fine Cuisine


Chocolate Zucchini Muffins  A healthy and delicious breakfast muffin or snack

Check out these very unusual flowers

A listing of Farmers Markets in Durham Region

Commune with Nature - High Park Nature Centre in Toronto offers the following Online Adult Naturalist Courses - Fee required

Chicken Tikka Masala -  from our Foodies Group

Homemade Naan for your Chicken Tikka Masala

Cooking with the Best - Website of renowned French chef Daniel Boulud

The Keukenhof gardens of Holland

Durham Master Gardeners 

North Durham Nature - Useful information and access to speakers on a variety of nature subjects that impact Durham Region and beyond

Wildlife Friendly Gardens - Free online


Guinness Chocolate Cake - Enjoy on St. Patrick's Day or anytime


Fun Video of French restaurant - augmented reality

Making Goodies for Two - Try this site for recipes for two (no need to subscribe to newsletter)

Start the Day Off Right - With a healthy breakfast

Recipes from our very own Foodies Group -


Lemon Asparagus Risotto


Garlic Shrimp

Fun Websites and Videos


To the Moon We Go - NASA’s Artemis I mission begins the establishment of human presence on the moon.  You, too, can be a part of this mission by adding your name to a flash drive that will accompany the Artemis spacecraft.  To add your name and get your “Boarding Pass”, visit this website. 


The Water World - take a break and watch these live cams from the Monterey Bay aquarium. 

High Park Nature Center’s Blog – “Word of the Week” defines and gives examples of these words and many more. 


If you love a great ghost story, Virtual Haunted Campfires is for you. 


Here’s a wonderful inspiring short video from CNN’s Don Lemon about a competitive synchronized swim team that also donates their time to teach black youth how to swim.

The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bird Academy has a wealth of information on their website.

Birds Canada's Project FeederWatch program is about to get underway.  FeederWatch is a November to April survey of birds in North America


James Thurber author and cartoonist, was known for his quirky subjects and characters.   A visit to the website will teach you about the museum and the author.  

Swedish Christmas Fair - Now here’s a Christmas shopping opportunity you’ve probably never heard of. 


Birds Canada is in the process of developing a new program of courses called OpenBirds.  In the meantime, they have made available, for free, several of their beta test courses.


Take a look at the monster birdhouses on this website for a Belgrave, ON (near Goderich) vendor


What's that Bird? A cell phone app that can help you easily identify a bird by  snapping a photo of it or recording its voice on the phone

Fly with the Eagles - This is an interesting website about an eagle family over time

The Ultimate Screen Saver - Very calming screen saver from Ripley’s Aquarium Canada


Walk on the Wild SideFree Access to Safaris

Penguin saves himself from Killer Whale - from the The Science Times


Video of Lambs by the Irish Tourist Board


Time Can Be Deceiving - Interesting tidbits about the time we live in

Red Green is Back

Follow Your Pet Shark

Understanding the Gravity of the Situation

Pluto the Dog

Little Rocker

Discover the World with Google Maps


Parking Fines - British humour

Animal People Reunions

San Diego Zoo website - including a zoo live cam

The Onion - Satirical news site

Think You Can Park a Car Well? - On line simulator used by NASA

Giant Panda

Games On Line


Wordle - Have you tried the newest word game called WORDLE?  Guess the WORDLE in 6 tries. Each guess must be a valid 5 letter word. Hit the enter button to submit.  After each guess, the colour of the tiles will change to show how close your guess was to the word. Each day there is a new WORDLE to discover.  It's fun and easy to play. 

Trickster - Euchre, Bridge, Hearts, Spades and more - free and fun. Has a video chat feature so you can see and hear each other!


Would you like to learn to play a game that dates from the time of the Roman Empire?  The board game, Nine Man Morris, may date from as far back as 1400 BCE, was likely well known by Romans and was very popular in Medieval England.


This website contains a list of free memory games that will test your recall ability.


Get Back at Google - Have some fun with a fake Google Homepage

Don't Connect the Dots - Brain / eye / hand coordination game 

Another test for your Brain / hand coordination - Got Rhythm


Hardwood Games -  Euchre, Hearts and Spades - play with the computer or your friends

Bridge Base Online - Practice with the computer at various levels or play on line with your own foursome

Words with Friends II - Free on line scrabble game - play with real people around the world


Jigsaw Planet - Fun, free jigsaw puzzles

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